9 Alternative Cancer Treatments Which Help to Relieve Cancer Symptoms

9 Alternative Cancer Treatments Which Help to Relieve Cancer Symptoms
9 Alternative Cancer Treatments Which Help to Relieve Cancer Symptoms

Many cancer patients want to try anything that can help them, including complementary and natural cancer cures. Cancer makes people feel as they have no control over their body and health. Natural cures for cancer offer some kind of control. But many alternative cancer treatments are unproved and some of them may even be harmful.

The list of natural cancer treatments with anti-cancer properties.

Usually, “super foods” are various nuts, berries, leaves of the cabbage, goji berries, quinoa, flax seeds, wheat germ, sea buckthorn and kiwi. All these products are definitely eatable, and many of them are useful, but there is no evidence that at least one of these foods is a natural cure for cancer.

Choosing a medicine that isn’t based on science

You should pay attention to the words of advertising. There are some words that indicate a frank deception and reliance on gullible patients. Here are some examples of such words: “miraculous cure”, “secret ingredient”, “quick and effective cure for cancer”, “without side effects”, “ancient medicine”, “treat all types of cancer”, “natural remedy”.

Don’t believe in personal stories about “miracle recovery” with the help of any “secret ingredient”. Usually, these stories do not mean anything because they are told at the forums, sellers’ sites, and in advertising. Most likely, these stories are told by people who were paid for this.

Pay attention to the manufacturers. The company which produces the drug or food additive must have a good reputation, because you should be able to appeal to its representatives in the case of side effects. Otherwise there is a great risk to face with a firm that is not responsible for its products.

Is there a real alternative to relieve cancer symptoms?

Alternative cancer treatments can’t cure the cancer, but they may help to reduce the symptoms of the disease such as fatigue, anxiety, vomiting and nausea, difficulties with sleeping, pain.

You should discuss closely with your doctor the right balance between alternative cancer treatments and traditional medicines. For example, acupuncture can help to reduce pain or nausea, but in general this method is not so powerful to replace a traditional cancer treatments advised by your doctor.

These are alternative cancer treatments that are safe for you health. In addition, there is some evidence that these methods have demonstrated some promise in helping cancer patients. But you should have a consultation with your doctor if next alternative cancer treatments are interesting for you.

header-1 Acupuncture

AcupunctureIt’s a procedure when a specialist of acupuncture inserts tiny needles into patient’s skin at precise points of the body. Researches have shown that acupuncture may help to relieve the nausea after chemotherapy and reduce certain types of pain in patients. This method is safe if it’s performed by a licensed practitioner which uses sterile needles. Acupuncture isn’t safe for those people who take blood thinners or have low blood counts, so it’s better firstly to talk to you doctor.

header-2 Aromatherapy

AromatherapyAromatherapy is used to provide a calming sensation by fragrant oils. Oils, such as lavender, can be used during a massage, be added to bath water, or be heated to release the scents into the air. Aromatherapy can help with relieving of nausea, stress and pain. The specialist of aromatherapy can perform this procedure, or you can do it by yourself. In general aromatherapy is a safe method, but oils can provoke allergic reactions. People with estrogen sensitive cancer should not apply large amount of tea tree oil and lavender oil.

header-3 Physical exercises

Physical exercisesExercise may help to cope with some symptoms and signs after and during cancer treatment. Gentle exercise can help you to sleep better and to relieve stress and fatigue. Many of the studies now show that the program of exercises may help cancer patients to live longer and to improve their quality of life. If you haven’t done exercises before, you should consult with your doctor before the beginning of exercising.

header-4 Massage

MassageThe massage specialist kneads the skin, muscles and tendons during the massage with the goal to relieve muscle stress and tension, and promote relaxation. There are several massage techniques. Massage can be light and soft, or it may be deep with more pressure. Studies have found that the massage can help to relieve pain in patients with cancer. It may help reduce fatigue, anxiety and stress too. Massage is safe if it is performed by a knowledgeable massage therapist. A massage is forbidden in case of very low blood counts. It’s necessary to ask the massage therapist not to use hard pressure and deep massage in case of cancer of bones or other bone diseases, such as osteoporosis.

header-5 MeditationMeditation

It is a state of concentration when your mind is focused on positive image, sound, idea, or thought. It’s important to breathe deeply and relax during the meditation. Meditation relieves stress and anxiety in people with cancer. This procedure is safe for health and you can do it by yourself once or twice a day or you can participate in classes with instructor.

header-6 Music therapy

Music therapyThis type of therapy includes listening to music, playing instruments, signing songs or writing lyrics. Music therapy is made to satisfy your specific needs and trained music therapist can help you by leading through all these activities. There are also group classes in which you can participate. This therapy helps to reduce pain and control vomiting and nausea. You don’t need to have any specific talent to participate in music therapy. Moreover, it is safe for treatment of all the types of cancer.

header-7 Relaxation techniques

Relaxation techniquesExercising relaxation techniques, patients focus their attention on relaxing of muscles and calming of mind. Progressive muscle relaxation and visualization exercises are the activities of relaxation. Relaxation techniques help to relieve fatigue and anxiety. People with cancer sleep better with help of these methods. In addition, relaxation techniques are safe, and you may be able to do them by yourself or with the help of relaxation recordings guidance.

header-8 Tai chi

Tai chiTai chi is a type of physical exercises which include deep breathing and gentle movements. It’s possible to learn tai chi by yourself with books and video, but usually tai chi classes are led by instructor. These techniques can help to relieve stress. In general, tai chi is safe for health. You are not required to have great physical strength for tai chi slow movements, you can adapt all exercises in accordance with your abilities. But nevertheless, you should consult your doctor before beginning of tai chi exercises.

header-9 Yoga

YogaYoga combines deep breathing with stretching exercises. During yoga classes, your body moves and changes various poses that require stretching, bending and twisting. Each of many types of yoga has its own techniques. Studies have shown that yoga relieves stress and fatigue in people with cancer and helps to sleep better. It’s necessary to talk to your doctor before the begging of yoga classes. You should follow instructor’s advices and do poses that are safe for you and avoid ones that cause pain.

Many of the symptoms connected with cancer and its treatment can be relieved by evidence-based complementary cancer treatments. The main point is that these alternative cancer treatments should be integrated with the treatments received from your doctor. It’s necessary to discuss all you options with your doctor. Together you will choose those strategies which are likely to be beneficial for you.






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