43 Inspiring Breast Cancer Tattoos

43 Inspiring Breast Cancer Tattoos
43 Inspiring Breast Cancer Tattoos

The meaning of cancer tattoos

Cancer tattoos have meaning not only for people with cancer and their families, but for the whole society as well. Cancer ribbon tattoos demonstrate courage, bravery, and strength in struggling with such disease like cancer. Usually, these tattoos are worn by people who were diagnosed with cancer, but they won the disease. A cancer tattoo is a great way to raise awareness of other people that cancer can be defeated.

Cancer ribbon tattoos can be worn in memory of a person who died because of cancer. Such tattoos often include combination of the ribbon with some words associated with the memory of a person, who, unfortunately, could not cope with the disease. These tattoos are not only the symbols of love, but they also mean that the global fight against this bad disease is not over.

The color of ribbon on the tattoos depends on the type of cancer

For example:

  • Lavender ribbonis quite popular and it signifies cancer awareness ingeneral, regardless of the type of cancer;
  • Blue or brown ribbonsymbolizethe fight againstcolon cancer;
  • Gold ribbon signifies childhood cancer;
  • Pink ribbon symbolizes breast cancer;
  • Green ribbon is connected with the kidney cancer,
  • Gray ribbon signifies brain cancer;
  • Light blue ribbon symbolizes childhood cancer, as well as prostate cancer;
  • Pearl ribbon is connected with lungcancer;
  • Purple ribbon signifies a number of cancers, including the thyroid cancer, pancreatic cancer, and testicular cancer;
  • White ribbon tattoos are connected with bone cancer;
  • Yellow ribbon symbolizes bladder cancer.

Breast cancer ribbon tattoos are among the most commonly used

Tattoo with the image of a pink ribbon is one of the most common, because pink color symbolizes breast cancer awareness. This tattoo can be worn both by women and men, despite the fact that breast cancer – it’s only women’s disease, because the main goal – is to support women in the fight against cancer.

Pink ribbon is an international symbol of the fight against breast cancer and often the design of breast cancer awareness tattoos includes a pink ribbon itself or tattoos are just made in the shades of pink color. Breast cancer tattoos may consist of other decorative elements besides ribbons (such as butterflies, swallows, and roses) which perfectly complement the tattoo and make it more graceful. Pink ribbons are often accompanied by motivational words such as “faith”, “hope”, “love”. Some people prefer to indicate their name or the name of a person who won the cancer. In any case, you can come up your own tattoo design that will make your artwork on the body stand out from the others. But one element should remain unchanged – it is a pink ribbon as a symbol of struggle against breast cancer.

On which part of the body it’s better to make a breast cancer awareness tattoos?

You can get a tattoo on any part of the body, which will be selected by you, but if you want to increase the awareness of other people that breast cancer can be defeated, you should choose a visible place on the body. However, some women, who have won breast cancer, choose to wear a tattoo in the place where the disease has left its mark.

Breast cancer tattoos made on the breast with beautiful sketch and by professional tattoo specialist will help to improve the appearance of the postoperative breast. In addition, the female breast is a common symbol of femininity and sexuality, so the tattoo made on the breast will provide some psychological support to the woman who has won the breast cancer.

Breast cancer tattoos carry a very powerful sense, because they encourages the own struggle or the fighting of other people against breast cancer. We collected for you some beautiful breast cancer tattoos pictures that will help you in choosing the design of tattoo or help you to create your own design. Let’s fight against breast cancer together.

Breast Cancer Tattoo 1 Breast Cancer Tattoo 2 Breast Cancer Tattoo 3 Breast Cancer Tattoo 4 Breast Cancer Tattoo 5 Breast Cancer Tattoo 6 Breast Cancer Tattoo 7 Breast Cancer Tattoo 8 Breast Cancer Tattoo 9 Breast Cancer Tattoo 10 Breast Cancer Tattoo 11 Breast Cancer Tattoo 12 Breast Cancer Tattoo 13 Breast Cancer Tattoo 14 Breast Cancer Tattoo 15 Breast Cancer Tattoo 16 Breast Cancer Tattoo 17 Breast Cancer Tattoo 18 Breast Cancer Tattoo 19 Breast Cancer Tattoo 20 Breast Cancer Tattoo 21 Breast Cancer Tattoo 22 Breast Cancer Tattoo 23 Breast Cancer Tattoo 24 Breast Cancer Tattoo 25 Breast Cancer Tattoo 26 Breast Cancer Tattoo 27 Breast Cancer Tattoo 28 Breast Cancer Tattoo 29 Breast Cancer Tattoo 30 Breast Cancer Tattoo 31 Breast Cancer Tattoo 32 Breast Cancer Tattoo 33 Breast Cancer Tattoo 34 Breast Cancer Tattoo 35 Breast Cancer Tattoo 36 Breast Cancer Tattoo 37 Breast Cancer Tattoo 38 Breast Cancer Tattoo 39 Breast Cancer Tattoo 40 Breast Cancer Tattoo 41 Breast Cancer Tattoo 42 Breast Cancer Tattoo 43


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