9 Cancer Fighting Foods. Eat Against Cancer!

9 Cancer Fighting Foods. Eat Against Cancer!
9 Cancer Fighting Foods. Eat Against Cancer!

Scientists have released a list of foods that cause cancer. Unfortunately, many of our favorite foods contain a huge amount of carcinogens – substances which provoke cancer.

The examples of cancer causing foods:

Very fried food. Harmful substances are produced while excessive frying. They are aromatic heterocyclic amines – benzopyrene – a well known carcinogen. And peroxides are formed with strong heating of vegetable oil. Even the fried crust of bread is not harmless in this regard.

Fried red meat. Well-roasted red meat contains a lot of benzopyrene. Doctors advise to eat fried meat as rare as possible, or don’t eat it at all, preferring healthier ways of cooking (bake, boil, cooking on a steam).

Sugar both white and brown. Brown sugar – is, for the most part, just a usual sugar with the addition of dark treacle. Try to replace sugar with honey or, at list, with a natural fructose.

Salted and smoked meat and fishSalted and smoked meat and fish increase the risk of stomach cancer, as benzopyrene is formed during their cooking. After all, smoke, that contains carcinogens, is used for preparation of such foods.

Carbonated soft drinks also include carcinogens, as well as a lot of preservatives, sweeteners and dyes.

Vegetables and fruits grown in ecologically dirty areas also contain benzopyrene and a large amount of nitrates.

Fast food. French fries, hamburgers, and all fast food also has a lot of trans-fats. As a result, carcinogens enter in our body.

MayonnaiseMayonnaise, especially in plastic containers. The mayonnaise is full of carcinogens and trans-fats. If the mayonnaise is stored in a plastic bag, then vinegar, contained in it, promotes allocation of carcinogens from plastic, which then together with salads come directly in our stomach.

Chips, margarine, pastries. Chips contain a lot of carcinogens because of its cooking process. Margarine – is a completely transgenic fat. Almost all cookies and any other sweets are prepared using margarine.

Alcohol is the second leading cause of cancer after smoking. While moderate alcohol consumption is useful for the body, its excessive use can lead to heart failure or stroke. Moreover, alcoholism provokes cancers of the larynx, rectum, liver, and breast.

Scientists have found that some foods help prevent cancer cells growth and have a beneficial effect in fighting with existing tumor.

The best cancer fighting foods:

header-1 Cruciferous vegetablesCruciferous vegetables

Such as broccoli and cabbage, are among the most powerful cancer-fighting foods. They contain phytochemicals which destroy potential carcinogens. In addition, there cruciferous vegetables include indole-3-karbidol that prevents the development of estrogen-dependent tumors.

header-2 Turmeric

Used against cancer for many years. Many studies considered that it’s one of the foods that prevent cancer, including the prevention of cancer in smokers.

header-3 Many types of medicinal mushrooms

It stimulate the immune system and perform the role of cancer fighting foods. Medicinal mushrooms are agarika, reishi, cordyceps.

header-4 Garlic and onions

It considered to be anti-cancer foods because they contain components that increase the immune system, help to destroy cancer cells, and prevent carcinogens from entering inside healthy cells. Studies have revealed the role of garlic in the prevention of cancer of the stomach and intestines.

header-5 Flax seedsFlax

Contains lignans that block and suppress cancerous degeneration of cells. In addition, it contains omega-3 fat acids for preventing intestinal cancer and other types of cancer. It is part of the well-known anti-cancer diets. These are the reasons why the flax is among the foods that fight cancer.

header-6 Capsicum

Contains capsaicin – the substance that neutralizes such carcinogens as the nitrosamines. This anti cancer food has particular value in the prevention of gastric cancer.

header-7 Dark leafy vegetables (spinach and kohlrabi)

It rich in folic acid. This substance helps to regulate the genetic code of the cells and contributes to their normal division.

header-8 Dark red grapes

It in the list of anti cancer foods because it contains powerful antioxidants that help to prevent cancer. It is also a source of resveratrol and ellagic acid which slow the growth of tumors by blocking the enzymes of cancer cells.

header-9 Brown seaweeds

Contain such polysaccharide as fucoidan. It is able to kill cancer cells of tumors, including lymphoma, leukemia, cancer of the stomach and intestines.

The correct choice of foods that prevent cancer can contribute effectively to the fight against this disease. Fortunately, the nature provides us a large number of foods that stimulate the immune system and have the anti-cancer properties.


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