9 Celebrities Who Beat Breast Cancer

9 Celebrities Who Beat Breast Cancer
9 Celebrities Who Beat Breast Cancer

header-1 Christina Applegate

Actress Christina Applegate, best known for her role as a daughter of the Bundy family in “Married with Kids” won not only the breast cancer, which was diagnosed in 2008; she gave birth to her first child after the treatment.

They managed to diagnose the disease at an early stage. The actress chose the most radical method of treatment, and she had to remove her both breasts, but it prevented her from many problems and the possibility of relapse. The Surgery was successful, and then plastic surgeons reconstructed the breast.

Christina Applegate

header-2 Anastacia

The singer heard twice from doctors that fateful phrase, “You have cancer.” For the first time it happened in 2003 when the star was 34 years old.

“I’ve never been so scared, like that time” – she said about the day, when the doctor told her about the cancer found in the breast. Anastacia has been operated; she had to agree to the removal of a part of one breast. The disease receded, but in early 2013 it returned. She canceled all concerts, the singer re-started the treatment, and six months later her fans again cheered – and the second time Anastacia did not allow the disease to break herself. “Do not let cancer take you away, fight to the last” – said the singer to all those who also faced with the terrible disease.

Today, Anastacia is known not only as a singer and songwriter, but also as a founder of the foundation that bears her name and designed to educate young women on issues related to the detection and treatment of cancer.


header-3 Darya Dontsova

A popular Russian writer managed to beat breast cancer, despite the fact that the disease was discovered when it had already reached the final, fourth stage. As Dontsova told in one of her interviews, when in 1998 she went to an oncologist, he told her bluntly: “You have 3 months to live.”

“I wasn’t afraid of death. But I have three children, elderly mother, I have a dog, a cat – it is simply impossible to die “- the writer recalls that terrible event with her usual sense of humor. Difficult treatment – chemotherapy and a number of complex operations –the woman endured without complaining of the fate. Moreover, during the endless treatments she first began to write. First, just to not go crazy, then – because she realized her vacation.

Completely overcoming the disease, Doncova doesn’t avoid talking about cancer, vice versa  she talks about this experience, giving hope for recovery to cancer patients: “You can feel sorry for yourself first two hours, then wipe snot and understand that this is not the end. You’ll have to be treated. Cancer is treated.”

Darya Dontsova

header-4 Sharon Osbourne

The wife of the famous rocker Ozzy Osbourne, Sharon Osbourne in 2012 removed the breasts as a preventive measure. For some time before that Osborne had colon cancer, and doctors warned Sharon Osbourne about the possible occurrence of the disease, because of this she has agreed to a double mastectomy.

Sharon Osbourne

header-5 Cynthia Nixon

Known as Miranda in the TV series “Sex and the City” in 2002, she got sick with breast cancer. She did not want to create a buzz and told to reporters about her illness only a few years after recovery. Later she starred in the theatrical production of the play by Margaret Edson ‘Wit’ poetry teacher’s role Vivian Biering, a cancer patient. For this role, the actress shaved off her hair.

Cynthia Nixon

header-6 Lima Vajkule

A famous Russian singer faced with the disease in 1991: in America, doctors diagnosed breast cancer. There were not many chances that she will survive.

In an interview, she told that the illness turned her life, forced to think about many things, to look at familiar things and relationships in a different way. “Just having gone through what happened to me, I began to look at life differently,” – said Lima. After the treatment, the singer decided to return to the stage as quickly as possible. She began to pay more attention to your family and friends.

Lima Vajkule

header-7 Maggie Smith

Maggie Smith learned about the disease in 2008 during the filming of the sixth part of the saga of Harry Potter. Despite the fact that she was going through chemotherapy, she did not interrupt the filming. Later, Maggie joked: “The wig is much easier to put on a bald head!” But at that moment the actress felt so bad that she will return to the stage. “I was completely knocked out of the rut, the cancer had exhausted me- admitted the actress. But now Maggie Smith fully recovered, she spends much time on the set and is not going to retire.

Maggie Smith

header-8 Jane Fonda

She was diagnosed with non-invasive breast cancer in 2010, in 72 years. This is an option with the most favorable prognosis. She just needed only an operation without a radiation or chemotherapy.

“It was a good test, as I always said I am not afraid of death, – the actress said in a television interview to Oprah Winfrey. – And I was not afraid. I’ve just joined the family of the millions of women who have gone through it. How interesting. What a journey it would be? Maybe I’ll go through it, maybe not. I was not afraid. I hope I will not die, but I am not afraid of death.”

Jane Fonda

header-9 Betsey Johnson

Betsey Johnson, American fashion designer, also survived breast cancer in 2002. Cher and Courtney Love were shining in her dresses, now among the fans of Betsy are Rihanna, Katy Perry and many others. Even a serious illness could not make her suffer. I think she got rid of it with the same ease with which the ladies parted with dresses from last year’s collections.

Now Johnson is an activist against breast cancer. She always appears in the events dedicated to fundraising, and sends the money to cancer charities. “I can not stay away because I underwent breast cancer too – says the designer – and do my best to fashion influences the decision of this problem.”

Betsey Johnson

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