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BCI Founder Dr. Beatrice Wiafe Addai

Dr. Beatrice Wiafe Addai is a Ghanaian Medical Doctor with 33 years of experience. She is a wife, mother and teacher. She has been a Breast Surgeon for the past twenty years and a Consultant in Breast Cancer Management. Her training and wide scope of study as a specialist in Breast cancer management, and a General Surgeon placed her in a convenient position as the Chief Executive Officer and the Consultant Breast Surgeon of the Peace and Love Hospitals both in Accra and Kumasi; a specialist hospital that is championing the cause of Breast Cancer and its related diseases in Ghana. Advocacy, Education, Training, Research, Comprehensive Patient-Support, Philanthropy Oncology, NCDs and Surgery are her areas of interest.

Dr. Beatrice Wiafe Addai, MD.PhD

She is the first Ghanaian female Specialist General Surgeon, the

Founder and President of Breast Care International, a Non-Governmental

Organization. Dr. Beatrice Wiafe Addai is a humble role model and

inspiration to women and society as a whole and the quest for a unique

professionalism as far as patient care and welfare and post-treatment

rehabilitation is concerned. She also has passion and aspirations for

the prevention, awareness, and treatment of breast cancer, which has

earned me honorable recognition in Ghana and globally as one of the

champions advocating for the eradication of the disease.

Like Dr. Martin Luther-King said “Our lives begin to end the day we

become silent on things that matter”, The frequent presentation of late-stage breast cancer with the accompanying high mortality rate, gave

birth to her passion of giving back to fight the menace and giving back

to the society with comprehensive education, awareness creation, and free clinical screening for breast cancer. Her personal interactions with

women in the consulting room increase my passion as well as commitment and support to save more lives when it comes to breast cancer, especially newly diagnosed patients. Dr. Beatrice Wiafe Addai believes education, early detection measures and prompt action are the best protection we have.




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Personal Statement

Key Strengths and Attributes

Proven track record of leadership in all aspects


Good presentation skills

Critical thinking and appraising skills

Strong research background especially in Oncology and NCDs

Diverse experience in Public health including Non-Communicable Disease

Control, Breast Cancer Control and Overall Health Promotion

Computing skills (Proficiency in Microsoft Office applications- Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint, Data Management, etc.)

Positions and Employment

  1. House Officer, Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital (KATH), Kumasi, Ghana;
  2. Medical Officer, KATH, Kumasi Ghana;
  3. Senior Medical Officer, Dept. of Obstetrics and Gynecology, KATH;
  4. Resident General Surgeon, KATH, Kumasi, Ghana;
  5. Consultant General Surgeon, KATH, Ghana;
  6. Consultant in Breast Cancer Management, SDA Hosp. Agona Asamang, Ghana;
  7. C.E.O., Peace and Love Hospitals, Ghana;
  8. President, Breast Care International, (BCI);
  9. Executive Member, International Breast Cancer and Nutrition (IBCN);
  10. Chair, IBCN, Ghana chapter;
  11. Chair, Ghana Non-Communicable Diseases Alliance;
  12. Chair, Ghana Cancer Board;
  13. Founder & President, BCI America;
  14. Medical Advisory Board Member, Direct Relief;
  15. Advisory Board Member Meals4NCDs;
  16. Council Member, AORTIC;
  17. Chair, BCI, Ghana Walk for the Cure;
  18. Former Member, Ethics committee – IARC;
  19. Former Vice President, AORTIC, West Africa;
  20. Former Chairperson, Ghana Cancer Board;
  21. Former Race Chair, Susan G. Komen Ghana Race for the cure.


The International Gold Star for leadership in quality Award

Geneva, Switzerland, 2010

The International Award for Leadership in the Platinum Category

Paris, France, 2011

Africa’s Global Person of the Year


The Belgium-based European Society for Quality Research (ESQR) Award


The European Award For Best Practices (Gold Category) the European Union (EU)


Women That Soar Award (Medicine Category)

Dallas, USA, 2012

Constellation Quality and Excellence Award in the Diamond Category

New York, USA, 2012

Health and Excellence Award in Diamond Category

New York, USA, 2012

Global Educators for All Initiative International Award as Millennium Global Ambassador


International Arch European Award in the Diamond Category

Germany, 2013

Susan Bucklers’ Excellence Award for Women in Science and Technology


The most Influential Woman’s Award in the Category of Science and Education in Kwahu


The BIZZ Award, World Confederation of Businesses

Washington D.C, USA, 2016

Africa Humanitarian Award, Ecclesiatical Bishops and Leaders Conference of Africa

Accra, Ghana, 2016

Ultimate Woman of the year award, Exclusive Men of the year awards Africa

Accra, Ghana, 2016

Ghana Women of the year Honors

Glitz, Accra, Ghana, 2016

Best Hospital, European Business Award

London, UK, 2017

The Glory Award, World Confederation of Businesses

Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2019

Global Leader in Management Award, World Confederation of Businesses

Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2019

Distinguished African Ambassador Award, Harvard Global Health Catalyst

Boston, USA, 2019

Other Experience and Professional Membership

  1. Member, Surgical Society of Russia;
  2. Member, Soviet Trained Graduates Association of Ghana;
  3. Member, Ghana Medical Association (GMA);
  4. Member, International Federation of University Women (IFUW);
  5. Member, Private Hospitals’ Association of Ghana (PHAG);
  6. Member, African Organization for Research and Training in Cancer (AORTIC);
  7. Patron, Society of Female Medical and Dental Practitioners;
  8. President, IFUW, Ghana Chapter;
  9. Management Board Member Mpraeso Senior High School;
  10. Management Board Member Kwahu Government Hospital;
  11. Advanced Breast Cancer Global Alliance.

Selected Peer-Reviewed Publications

  1. Brinton LA, Figueroa JD, Awuah B, Yarney J, Wiafe S, Wood SN, Ansong D, Nyarko K, Wiafe-Addai B and Clegg-Lamptey JN (2014) Breast cancer in Sub-Saharan Africa: opportunities for prevention. Breast Cancer Res Treat: 1-12;
  2. Figueroa JD, Edusei L, Adjei E, Titiloye N, Ylaya K, Addai B, Clegg-Lamptey JN, Awuah B, Nyarko K, Ansong D, Wiafe S, Brinton LA and Hewitt S (2014) Abstract C11: Impact of pathologic specimen quality on classifying molecular subtypes of breast cancer: A pilot study from three hospitals in Ghana, Africa. Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers & Prevention 23(11 Supplement): C11;
  3. Mena M, Wiafe-Addai B, Sauvaget C, Ali IA, Wiafe SA, Dabis F, Anderson BO, Malvy D and Sasco AJ (2013) Evaluation of the impact of a breast cancer awareness program in rural Ghana: A cross-sectional survey. Int J Cancer 2013 Aug 3. doi: 10.1002/ijc.28412;
  4. Stefan DC, Elzawawy AM, Khaled HM, Ntaganda F, Asiimwe A, Addai W, Wiafe S , and Adewole IF (2013) Developing cancer control plans in Africa: examples from five countries. The Lancet Oncology 14(4): e189-e195;
  5. Wiafe-Addai B (2012) A public voice for private pain to save lives from cancer. Global Health and Diplomacy. Washington DC: The Sheridan Press;
  6. Addai BW (2012) 31 Strategies for Increasing Early Detection of Breast Cancer Through Community Outreach and Training. European Journal of Cancer 48, Supplement 1(0): S49-S50;
  7. El Saghir NS, Adebamowo CA, Anderson BO, Carlson RW, Bird PA, Corbex M, Badwe RA, Bushnaq MA, Eniu A, Gralow JR, Harness JK, Masetti R, Perry F, Samiei M, Thomas DB, Wiafe-Addai B and Cazap E (2011) Breast cancer management in low resource countries (LRCs): consensus statement from the Breast Health Global Initiative. Breast 20 Suppl 2: S3-11;
  8. Owiredu WK, Donkor S, Addai BW and Amidu N (2009) Serum lipid profile of breast cancer patients. Pak J Biol Sci 12(4): 332-8;
  9. Agyei Frempong MT, Darko E and Addai BW (2008) The use of carbohydrate antigen (CA) 15-3 as a tumor marker in detecting breast cancer. Pak J Biol Sci 11(15): 1945-.
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