Blood Test for Cancer: How to Read the Results?

Cancer is not fully studied, but a lot of studies are carried out in this area aimed not only at the treatment, but also at the recognition of this deadly disease. The most important task

15 Breast Cancer Facts: Forewarned is Forearmed

 Breast cancer – is a disease in the result of which a cancerous tumor is formed from the mutated cells of the breast. According to statistics, among all malignancies in women breast cancer is the

The Dense Breast Tissue: Does it Have to Do With Breast Cancer?

What is dense breast tissue? The breasts are dense when they have more non-fatty tissue and less fatty tissue in comparison with normal breasts. The thickness of tissue on a mammogram is one way to

9 Cancer Fighting Foods. Eat Against Cancer!

Scientists have released a list of foods that cause cancer. Unfortunately, many of our favorite foods contain a huge amount of carcinogens – substances which provoke cancer. The examples of cancer causing foods: Very fried