Using CBD to Combat Chemotherapy Side Effects

Cannabis is often talked about in regard to cancer, and the internet is full of claims that the plant can work as a cure. However, while there are signs from in vitro testing that certain

Mastectomy Recovery Tools: What May a Woman Need?

A woman after a mastectomy should not lose confidence in herself and in her abilities, and in ability to restore health and femininity. After the surgery it is not necessary to abandon a traditional way

Does Marijuana Cure or Cause Cancer?

Does marijuana cure cancer? Marijuana has been used as an herbal remedy for centuries. Scientists have found biologically active components in marijuana – cannabinoids. Nowadays, marijuana and its cannabinoids cannot be legally possessed, prescribed and

Lumpectomy in Comparison to Mastectomy

What is a lumpectomy? Lumpectomy – is the most commonly used form of breast-conserving surgery for breast cancer treatment. This removes only the part of the breast where the cancer is located and a small

Breast Implants Before and After. Mastectomy Recovery

Breast reconstruction: what does it mean? Breast reconstruction after cancer is designed to restore woman’s femininity and attractiveness. The patients may feel a full-fledged woman after this procedure. Breast reconstruction – is a surgery, which

Breast Implants: the Invention that Gives You a New Breast

The first breast augmentation in aesthetic medicine took place in the 19th century. For the first time it was done with liquid paraffin injected. Since 1895, people have tried to carry out the implantation through

Mastectomy Recovery: Life After Mastectomy Surgery

A woman who has a mastectomy often asks herself: “What to do? How to live after this operation? How to wait for breast reconstruction? “. Specialists have an answer: “To live fully, better, more brightly

Lumpectomy vs. Mastectomy: Is There a Right Choice?

In the age of modern technologies and powerful progress a serious problem remains unsolved – a complete cure of cancer, including breast cancer. However, we can say that the problem, even partially, but still is

Chemotherapy: the Hype Around the Side-effects

Chemotherapy – is a very effective method of cancer treatment, because the chemotherapy drugs influence on rapidly dividing cells. Unfortunately, except for the cancer cells, there are other healthy cells which are also characterized by

Breast Reconstruction: The Esthetic Part of Recovery

Today the problem of oncological diseases is one of the most acute around the world. Cancer takes the first place among the total number of breast diseases. The work of plastic surgeons and masters of