Lumpectomy in Comparison to Mastectomy

What is a lumpectomy? Lumpectomy – is the most commonly used form of breast-conserving surgery for breast cancer treatment. This removes only the part of the breast where the cancer is located and a small

Breast Implants Before and After. Mastectomy Recovery

Breast reconstruction: what does it mean? Breast reconstruction after cancer is designed to restore woman’s femininity and attractiveness. The patients may feel a full-fledged woman after this procedure. Breast reconstruction – is a surgery, which

Breast Implants: the Invention that Gives You a New Breast

The first breast augmentation in aesthetic medicine took place in the 19th century. For the first time it was done with liquid paraffin injected. Since 1895, people have tried to carry out the implantation through

Lumpectomy vs. Mastectomy: Is There a Right Choice?

In the age of modern technologies and powerful progress a serious problem remains unsolved – a complete cure of cancer, including breast cancer. However, we can say that the problem, even partially, but still is

Breast Reconstruction: The Esthetic Part of Recovery

Today the problem of oncological diseases is one of the most acute around the world. Cancer takes the first place among the total number of breast diseases. The work of plastic surgeons and masters of

Mastectomy: Definition, Types, Risks, Before, During and After Surgery

What is mastectomy? Mastectomy is surgery to remove the affected breast. A large amount of mastectomies is carried out for treatment of breast cancer in women, although men can develop breast cancer, a mastectomy is

Lumpectomy: Breast-Conserving Surgery

You’ve probably heard doctors pronounced words, such as excisional biopsy, lumpectomy, partial mastectomy, re-excision, quadrantectomy, and wedge resection. Organ-conserving surgery means that after surgery some part of the female breast is left. Technically, lumpectomy is