Breast Cancer: Emotional Support, or How to Help a Loved One

How to help a loved one diagnosed with breast cancer? Why shouldn’t you say: “It will be alright” or “You have to be strong”? Why shouldn’t you try to make the patient “see the positive

When 100 Friends Unsubscribe Because Breast Cancer is Not Esthetical

According to statistics, every year in the world about 1 250 000 cases of breast cancer are revealed. The figures are quite terrifying, are not they? Two years ago, 32-year-old Beth Vaange from Australia was diagnosed

Breast Cancer Victim Becomes a Winner: My Real Story

Hello, my dear friends! I would like to share with you a story of the woman I admire. Her name is Maria, 41 years old, a mother of two boys (8 and 5 years old).

Kylie Minogue: Celebrating the Victory

The example singer’s victory over the cancer is deservedly considered to be the most inspiring and iconic for all women facing breast cancer. Today, years later, Kylie may cry, answering to questions about how she

Husband in a Pink Tutu Helped His Wife Beat Cancer

Love can work miracles American photographer Bob Carey created the image, which treats cancer patients with positive emotions. The first photo in a pink tutu Bob did in 2003, when he learned of the serious

My Wife, Her Breast Cancer and I

It’s difficult for most men to express what they feel when the breast cancer befalls a woman as a disaster. But their involuntary silence undermines the relationships in a couple. The experts’ advice: it’s necessary

9 Celebrities Who Beat Breast Cancer

 Christina Applegate Actress Christina Applegate, best known for her role as a daughter of the Bundy family in “Married with Kids” won not only the breast cancer, which was diagnosed in 2008; she gave birth

35 Encouraging Photos of the Kids Who Beat Cancer

Children – are the God’s gift, the loss of which can not be replenished, and when children are sick, it is always a heartbreak, which should never take place in your life. Parents of children