Early Symptoms of Breast Cancer Every Woman Should Know

early symptoms of breast cancer

Breast cancer is a disease typical of the female population. It affects women of various age and social background.

The risk of breast cancer increases among women older than 50, those who have never given birth or had their first baby after 30, women whose close relatives have been diagnosed with this pathology.

In this article, we are going to determine the early symptoms of breast cancer which every woman should be aware of.

Initial symptoms

The clinical picture of breast cancer in the early stages goes almost without symptoms. It looks like various kinds of mastopathy. But with mastopathy the thickened tissue in the breast is painful, and with cancer, there is no pain.

There are 10 main signs which make you suspect an oncological problem.

Nipple wounds

The oncological process becomes the cause of small wounds on the nipples which don’t respond to treatment. With time they are turning into ulcers, some of them blending together. They can evolve on the nipples, areolas, skin.early symptoms of breast cancer - nipple wounds

Discharge from the nipple

Discharge from the breast can be a normal sign during pregnancy and breastfeeding period. In other cases, any fluids from the nipple should cause concern. It’s one of the early symptoms of breast cancer.

The color of the discharge:

  • Transparent;
  • Whitish;
  • Bloody;
  • Purulent;
  • Yellowish.

The color of the discharge depends on how the disease proceeds.

Nipple retraction

Nipple changes often tell about a pathological process. The tumor situated close to the nipple captures its tissue, causing its inward retraction. If the nipples looked normal before, the retraction of one or both of them can be a sign of breast cancer.

The nipple can not only retract but also deform, become flattened.

The thickened tissue discernible during palpation

Statistics show that about 70% of women diagnosed with breast cancer had noticed a suspicious lump in their breast. This very sign had made them worried enough to go to a specialist.

The presence of a lump is not always a symptom of an oncological problem. The thickened tissue often turns out to be a benign tumor.

The breast is a little sore

The soreness of breast in women of childbearing age is caused by hormonal stimuli. However, together with other early symptoms of breast cancer, it serves as a reason for consultation with an expert. It’s also better to talk to a medical expert if the pain is constant and there is no apparent reason for it.early symptoms of breast cancer - palpation

The soreness is often a sign of breast cyst. Cancer is a far more treacherous disease. It doesn’t reach nerve endings at the initial stages.

The changes in shape

There is no full symmetry in real life. The breasts can slightly differ in size. Such asymmetry is noticeable only after close inspection. When there is a malignant process, the asymmetry is so evident that it catches the eye. It happens when a tumor is developing in one of the breasts.

Discomfort in the breast

Slight breast swelling and soreness are often associated with menstruation. However, if the discomfort remains after a period it’s a reason for detailed examination. One of the early symptoms of breast cancer is also a sore lump that doesn’t vanish after the menstruation.

Skin changes

The skin on the breast can redden. A lot of women ignore this symptom of breast cancer. They think they rubbed the skin wearing a too tight bra. But if the skin color doesn’t go back to normal, it’s better to consult an expert.

The reason for peeling and reddened skin is a tumor which produces different toxins irritating skin surface.

A hollow on the breast when you raise your arm

early symptoms of breast cancer - woman raised her armLook at your breasts when you raise your arms. If there is a hollow on the breast surface, you shouldn’t ignore such a sign.

The cause of the hollow is a tumor which affects healthy tissues and draws them in.

The augmentation and pain in lymph nodes

At the second stage of the pathology, the lymph nodes in the axillary region are damaged by malignant fragments. They increase in size, cause a lot of discomfort and pain. The axilla itself can become swollen. This symptom is a reason to turn to a health professional.

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