Mastectomy Recovery Tools: What May a Woman Need?

Mastectomy Recovery Tools: What May a Woman Need?
Mastectomy Recovery Tools: What May a Woman Need?

A woman after a mastectomy should not lose confidence in herself and in her abilities, and in ability to restore health and femininity. After the surgery it is not necessary to abandon a traditional way of life. Modern technologies make it easy to hide the scars after the surgical intervention. The desired results can be quickly and efficiently achieved through modern tools.

header-1 Bio-prostheses

Currently specialized bio-prostheses are used, taking into account the anatomic and topographic features of the operation and effectively removes postmastectomy defects.

The correct prosthesis is not used only as a cosmetic means, but also as a therapeutic and preventive agent that promotes rapid postoperative adaptation and healing of tissues. This prosthesis compensates for the weight imbalance, preventing secondary deformation of the body (a violation of posture, curvature of the spine, drooping shoulders, etc.). You can choose the most suitable color, shape, size and weight of the prosthesis.


There are symmetrical (use either the right or left side) and asymmetric (left and right) breast bio- prostheses. The form of a symmetrical biological prosthesis can be different: triangular, oval and teardrop. Bio- prostheses can be divided into several functional groups:

  • Postoperative prosthesis – light, do not interfere with healing of seams, do not hurt the breast skin, appointed after removing a drainage and bandage, designed for temporary (2 months) use.
  • Prostheses for continuous daily wear – used in 2 months after the operation.
  • Lightweight prostheses – are recommended for large breasts; when there is a lymphoedema in the arm on the side of the treatment; cardiovascular diseases; for women with active lifestyles. Furthermore, the use of lightweight prostheses is comfortable in hot weather.
  • Special prostheses – designed for gymnastics and swimming.
  • Contoured prostheses – used in sector resection.

Basic rules of selection of breast bio-prostheses

  • The mass of biological prostheses must meet the maximum weight of a healthy mammary gland;
  • During fitting women are advised not to take the bio – prosthesis, because due to lack of breast, it may seem too heavy for some time;
  • The biological prostheses must conform to the shape of the intact breast;
  • The biological prosthesis size should be selected, focusing on the size of the bra cups.Bio-prostheses 2

Modern biological prostheses, used every day, have a number of properties similar to the properties of the chest. They have a soft and delicate structure, quickly taking the body temperature, reliable and high durable.

Caring for biological prostheses

Bio-prostheses 3It is recommended daily wash prosthesis in warm water with baby soap and gently wipe with a soft towel. Not to deform the shape of biological prostheses, at night it is stored in a special package. After each swimming in the sea or chlorinated water it should be thoroughly rinsed. Be careful with rings, pins, long nails they can pierce it.

In conjunction with special underwear and swimwear a prosthesis becomes a part of the woman. All this allows accelerating the recovery of mental and emotional condition of the woman and the return to a normal life.

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header-2 Defects correction with special bras

mastectomy braSo what is it – a bra after mastectomy? This is a special bra for women after mastectomy, with a pocket for a prosthesis (biological prosthesis), which can be located on the left and on the right cup, or both bra cups (in the universal model).

Wearing the bra with a prosthesis has a number of advantages, besides esthetics:

  • Firstly, to protect the chest and scars
  • Secondly, it helps to create the correct posture
  • Thirdly, it reduces muscle pain in the neck and back.

How soon after the surgery you can wear an orthopedic bra? To do this, first of all, you need to consult a doctor. The time when you can wear a bra, is determined individually for each woman, depending on the complexity of the surgery and treatment. Most women begin wearing a bra and prosthesis in 2-8 weeks after the surgery.

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header-3 Bandage wearing

Bandage wearingWearing of a special bandage helps accelerate the healing process after the surgery.

This will not only reduce the risk of complications, but also eliminates unnecessary pressure on the shoulder joint, which usually hurts after the surgery.

The bandage provides the necessary degree of postoperative suture fixation, protecting it from undesirable effects (injury), and promotes a rapid healing of a postoperative scar.

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header-4 Compression sleeve

Compression sleeveSometimes some women after a mastectomy have a swelling in the arm (lymphedema) on the operating side. There is a possibility that it can appear not only immediately after the operation, but after several years.

A basic way to prevent and cure lymphedema successfully – is to wear a compression sleeve. It is made of natural rubber or synthetic filament. The seamless knitting is used, that helps the body’s skin air exchange and keeps warm. This product creates a graded compression, providing more pressure on the wrist from the shoulder.

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header-5 Orthopedic swimsuits

Women’s psyche, with all its flexibility and endurance are still very fragile. Mastectomy leaves scars not only on the body. And if in everyday life they are hiding them under their clothes, how to be on the beach?

Orthopedic swimsuits 2 Orthopedic swimsuits 3 Orthopedic swimsuits

Of course, the developers of special tools could not ignore this important aspect. And now they offer a wide range of excellent swimwear after mastectomy to suit all tastes.

Selection Criteria

To choose the correct after- mastectomy swimsuit, you should be well-versed in what it differs from a conventional swimwear. Many women certainly think that the only difference – is the presence of pockets. But in this kind of special underwear it is not so easy as it seems…

  • First, after- mastectomy Swimsuits should have higher cut neckline. Thus, they provide secure support and visual masking of the scars. In other words, the base of the breast and biological prostheses are not visible to others.
  • Secondly, a deep pocket sewn into the swimsuit securely prevents the breast prothesis from slipping, what is especially important when you swim in the water. A lining in the chest and under the chest belt provide effective support.
  • Third, all the right after- mastectomy swimwear should have elastic inserts in the area of the cups that provide the same visual perception of the biological prothesis and natural breasts.
  • Fourth, special swimsuits shall be made with high back line to better support straps on the shoulders. And besides, raised swimsuit back prevents unwanted views from the side.

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As we can see, the use of modern post-operative techniques helps women to have a high quality of life at an early stage after the operation, eliminate cosmetic defects and psycho-emotional instability, and also to accelerate the process of healing. Women can again feel free and beautiful without any restrictions.


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